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Improve Your Mind, Skin, and Spirit

Leave your worries aside and prepare to be pampered during the lush experience of a lifetime at True Reflection-Skin Professionals. Enjoy warm and inviting staff and explore all the amazing treatments available.  We are devoted to calming your mind, body and soul, revealing your True Reflection. Book our number one facial: The CBD Infusion. We gently and safely infuse CBD into the skin giving you an array of benefits. Including Acne and antiaging, for all skin types. 

We are a Holistic-Medical Skin Spa. We use high-end quality products consisting of Osmosis, Code Of Harmoney, Face Reality, Katari Oils. All services are both relaxing and results oriented. There are a couple treatments with a higher intensity with advanced results. 

We offer treatment plans and skincare regimens for all our clients! We can't wait to assist you on your skin journey!


3711 Ovilla rd. Ovilla, Tx 75154

We test your skin for the appropriate skin routine by
Face Reality.
Acne Facials:
Acne Hydrating Enzyme Treatment- $75
For dry, compromised acne skin types.

All skin has to be pretested for peels-in same session-As a precaution. If unable, we will treat with the above treatment.

Acne Peel 1:
Acne Peel 1&2 combo:
Acne Peel 2:

Back Peel:

20% Lactic Peel:
Acne Bootcamp is available: Saving you money while we customize your Bi-Weekly treatments. All preteens, teens, and adults welcome.


25 min- $45

30 min- $60

45 min- $110

1 hr 15min- $160

CBD is a component that when infused into the skin has an array of benefits. Anywhere from removing and protecting from Free Radicals, calming inflammation, softening the skin, moisturizing, aiding in the recovery from eczema, psoriasis, acne, and some pigmentation.  

Herbal Infusions:

1 hr-$160

1hr 30 min- $190

These treatments are for those that cannot have downtime. We infuse Vitamin A into the skin with Nano technology and add active powder blends according to your skin concerns.  Generating collagen stimulation over a 30-day period. Performed as a series and with great at home products you will help us reveal and maintain your True Reflection!

Herbal Peel:


This procedure is ACID-FREE using ground up herbs, blue algae, and seaweed to create microtears in the skin to stimulate a wound healing response to remove hyperpigmentation. It is equivelant to 15 microdermabrasions in ONE session.



.5 Needles creates channels into the skin for us to infuse Human Bone marrow, Growth factors, and stem cells below the epidermis. By doings so we stimulate collagen production, slow down/correct/or maintain aging, acne pitting, and shrink pore size.

Customized Facials:
Hydrating-55 min
Pro Face-1 hr
Fresh Face-
Consulatation with the choice of facial we choose for your skin needs.
New Face- 1hr
free cleanser with consultation and minifacial



Mini Signature Hydrafacial- 30min


Signature Hydrafacial- 1hr


Deluxe Hydrafaicial- 1hr 30min


Platinum Hydrafacial- 1hr 45 min


HydraFacial is a brilliant combination of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant properties. Being the perfect blend of rejuvenating spa therapies and state-of-the-art medical technology, this cosmetic solution will repair and regenerate the dermis to render smoother, clearer, and healthier results. The Hydrafacial has patented tips that aide the serums to produce a glass like glow.


Clear Quartz-$95 a month

10% off product

choose 1 facial a month.

*Deep Exfoliation Reg. $110

*Microdermabrasion Reg. $110


*ProFace Reg. $120

*You can include an ADD ON for the additional fee, or just pay the difference. * 

Rose Quartz$175 a month

10% off product

2 facials a month(Every 2 weeks)

Express CBD Infusion and Hydrating Facial. OR you can upgrade to ONE large Facial a month.

*You can include an ADD ON for the additional fee, or just pay the difference. * 

Amethyst- $250 a month

2 Facials a month (every 2 weeks)

10% off product

CBD Infusion &  Express Herbal Infusion

With (1) complimentary lip treatment

*You can include an ADD ON for the additional fee, or just pay the difference. * 

OR you can upgrade to ONE large Facial a month.

Product Box Subscription:

15% off total customized products.

Minimum of (3) products.

Delivered to your door.

Free fun gift.

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