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Leave your worries aside and prepare to be pampered during the lush experience of a lifetime at True Reflection-Skin Professionals. Enjoy an enchanting setting, warm and inviting staff and explore all the amazing treatments available. True Reflection-Skin Professionals is a place of true relaxation, and devoted to calming your mind, body and soul. Book our number one facial; The CBD Infusion. We gently and safely infuse CBD into the skin giving you an array of benefits. Including Acne and antiaging, for all skin types. 


1 hour 45 min, $165

This service is the ultimate one of a kind treat. It is the star of True Reflection and this is why: The unique blend of CBD and Plant terpenes are specifically created for the skin. The infusion targets damaged skin cells and heals them. This facial includes A customized cbd infused steam cleanse, non-invasive form of exfoliation, extractions, LED Microdermabrasion, Infusion, and LED light therapy suited for your skin needs. In conclusion you are brought infused water and prepared for The Anointed Foot Soak. The Anointed Foot Soak is formulated to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Using the Ancient ingredients Jesus Christ himself told Mary Magdalene to use during his foot cleanse. A personalized prayer and meditation are included. Its a perfect ending for sure. The Ultimate way to Relax IN Results.

1 hr 15 min, $150

All the perks of the ChicBD Infusion only replacing a form of exfoliation. Using the ChicBD Cherry Enzyme and ChicBD charcol scrub the dead skin is eaten up and removed resulting in clean skin to infuse. Leaving you with an immediate glow. LED light therapy is included in this facial as well.

1 hr 15 min, $145

This is the Original ChicBD Infision Facial and with this you get all the perks except the amazing Anointed Foot Soak. 

30 min, $40

Get fuller lips with out down time, painful injectables, or numbing. Using nano technology and the ChicBD Infusion the lips are targeted and worked on for 5 to 10 minutes depending on your desired plump look. Results can last up to 1-2 weeks. It is a very natural plump hydrated look! Recommended to get a CBD lip balm for after care! 

45 min, $95

This treatment is for those of you on a treatment plan or not wanting to take up too much time of your day. This is a medical setting treatment. I cleanse, exfoliate (dermaplane or enzyme), and infuse the ChicBD CBD oil into the skin using the nano technology. All treatments still give you the opportunity for healing properties to penetrate your skin for glowing results.

1 hr 15 min, Starting at $150

Infused into the skin using Nano Technology and a high quality cbd cocktail formulated specifically for the skin. This will fade all scars and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment includes: Steam cleanse, LED Microdermabrasion, The Infusion, and Led light therapy.

Starting at $45 depends on scar size

By Infusing CBD and Nano Technology the redness and texture will fade! Along with products and a minimum of 4 treatments this procedure will lesson the appearance of your unwanted scar. Led light therapy is also included in this treatment along with LED microdermabrasion.

15 min, $30

This is the perfect end to any day! Relax and breathe in the beautiful aroma this soak gives off. It is ment to unwind your cloudy mind and heal your spirit so that it can be still. Prayer and mediation complete this soak. 

45 min, $75

This is a non-invasive form of exfoliating the skin and peach fuzz. This particular treatments removes the top layer of dead skin to prepare it for product absorption. In this facial you get to relax and unwind and still get a refreshed glow. With a double steam cleanse, charcol scrub, dermaplanning, customized mask then finishing with the perfect serum for your skin type. You will noticed an immidiate glow. During the  customized mask you receive a neck and shoulder massage. Sink into the bed as you receive an elegant 45 min facial. Perfect for on the go and busy lifestyles.

15 min, $0

This is a FREE consultation. If you book the same day its free, other wise its $25. I will analyse your skin and report what i see needs to be addressed and what facial i recommend to address the issues. There is a program for those in need for multiple treatments with discounted rates for facials and products.

45 min, $65

A soft steam cleanse, exfoliation, and mask for this skin newbie. This facial is short and sweet and gets your skin prepared for more advanced skin care treatment you might need.

1 hr, $95

This facial is for the pro's! If you have had more than one facial at True Reflection this advanced facial is for you! If you are a skin lover and have plenty other facials anywhere else this is for you as well. The ChicBD Cherry Enzyme is used as well as a Charcoal scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. This is followed by a customized CBD infused mask and LED light therapy. You get to sink in to deep relaxation as your skin gets the pick me up it needs! Dermaplaning is a great add on to this facial!

1 hr 45 min., $145

This nourishing treatment will make you shine. Discover an awareness within where you’ll feel awakened, balanced, and rested. These Ancient Chinese Medical tools help lift, tone, and give circulation back to the skin which creates a glow! Reconnect with yourself by experiencing the unique and soothing Gua Sha Facial massage. Great for lymphatic drianage.

120 min, $199

This popular Skin Care treatment is the perfect way to bring back youthful looking skin. Awaken your senses and renew your soul with this treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your skin cell system. Reach your ultimate skin goals with this advanced treatment. Includes Microdermabrasion or dermaplanning, advanced infusion, and LED light therapy.1-2 weeks after this treatment you are recommended to relax and renew your skin with a Pick Me Up facial ($45- to remove the dead skin caused by this treatment.) which includes steam cleanse, exfoliation, LED light Therapy, and a cbd infused mask or cbd infused peel off mask.

1 hr, , $75

Our backs need love too! When we cant reach those hard spots on the back call your Aesthetician at True Reflection. Steam is the backs best friend, loosening the dirt and debis along with cleansing, using the Charcoal scrub, and customized mask your back will thank you! Any unwanted back hair??? That can be removed in a non-invasive and non-painful way. This relaxing back facial will have you ready for Spring and Summer.  

15 min, $15

The perfect add on to allow any treatment to be even more effective. Allowing for the ultimate glow and product penetration.  

30 min, $35

If you're looking for the complete look, add on this Lip Enhancement treat! Give your skin and your lips the love they deserve! Plumping, hydrating, and feeding them with pure nutrients.

5 min, $15

This particular add on helps zap away bacteria or shock some life into your skin to help produce and rejuvenate collagen.

45 min-1hr, $70

Enhance your natural lashes. Give the appearance of long healthy lashes! The curl is naturally beautiful. Tint is applied to give them a pop! While enhancing your lashes you get to lay back and relax and simultaneously get an eye treatment to minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines with a 24 Karat eye mask.

2 Hr 30 Min, Price depends on Facials chosen

Girls day filled with pampering. Relax with a facial of your choice. Quench your thirst with a mimosa, wine, or Infused water. Fulfill your sweet cravings with Fresh Fruit and Pastries, all while you sink into a meditative state. 

30-60 mins $399

The popular No-Needle Lip Filler. Produces immediate results that can last up to 8 months. If you want a more bold look, stacking in the ideal plan for you. The stacking plan requires you to come in every 4 months. This is performed with a pressurized device and there is no downtime . Perfect for beginners to Lip Fillers. If you're currently loving your lip fillers this is the perfect alternative with No bruises, No swelling, No needle, No numbing, and No pain. 

1 hr, $95

The Hydrating Facial consists of steam cleanse, dermaplane or microdermabrasion with Cherry Enzyme for exfoliation. After the skin is prepped, its ready for the oxygen and cbd cocktail to be gently blasted onto the skin.  Bringing healing to the surface of the skin with the oxygen it creates blood flow and regenerates collagen fibers. the skin is finally rested with a hydrating cbd peel off mask. Led Light therapy is not included but is highly recommended after this treatment for the ultimate glow.

5 min, $15

This is a treatment that will infuse professional grade, luxurious serums to   build the nourishment of the skin. You will feel completely renewed and refreshed after this cooling add on! Apply's to face, neck, and chest.

Fibroblast Transformation

Varies by area

Forehead: $595

11's Between eye brows: $295

Upper eye lids: $350

Lower Eye Lids: $350

Crows Feet: $295

Cheeks: $895

Upper Lip Flip: $395

Lower Lip Flip: $395

Full mouth, smile lines, and chin: $690 (save $100)

Neck: $895

Nasal Labial Folds: $395

Under Chin: $395

Stretch Marks: varies on size

Stomach tightening: $1200

Test Patch: $50

Skin Tag Removal: Starting at $45 for 1 to 5. After that its $20 each.

Arms: $900

Elbows: $495


1 HR, 45 MINS $199

Indulge in a medical grade service while you sink into a lush bed for a little nap! This is THE  U L T I M A T E  facial! This machine sucks up all your dry, congested, dead skin, dirt, oil and left over make up. While it is sucking it disperses liquid onto the skin. There are 5 steps of hydration in this facial that have proven to soften and recharge your skin! After we prep and infuse the skin with peptides, antioxidants, stem cells, and brightening serums, we then use our name brand CHICB CBD oil to infuse into the skin for an extra plunge of an all organic form or antioxidants, hydration, and over all attack on healing! It is then finished with LED Light Therapy for deeper healing and High Frequency for anti aging and diminishing the p. bacteria on a superficial level! your skin will be brand new and you will be so happy! NEW SKIN, NEW YOU!

60 min, $199

Tired of stubborn pigmentation? This Deep Herbal Peel is equivalent to 15 Microdermabrasions. It will raise the pigmentation up, out of the skin to flake off. Recovery time is about 7 days total. Some are less. Revealing smooth and pigment free new skin!

1 hr,  20 mins $150

The Ageless HydroInfusion is created to pour the fountain of youth into your skin! Lifting dead skin and dirt build up and infusing peptides, antioxidants, and stem cells into your skin for a healthy regenerative cell process. This treatment is medical grade but you will be so relaxed you wont be bothered with it!

60 min, $95

Our popular Skin Care treatment, Hydroinfusion, is the perfect way to maintain your healthy glow. An affordable way to be Red Carpet Ready through out any season!
Our Pumpkin and CBD enzyme helps brighten skin tone and texture, while we hydrate with the mini hydroinfusion! We customize for your needs and end with and ground up herbal Jelly Peel Off mask! Revealing a radiant “Autumn Thyme” glow!  


Microdermabrasion Facial

45min, $75

Abrasively removes dead and textured skin with no downtime. Helps smooth texture so product absorption is 100 % more effective. Helps with Acne scars, pigmentation, and aging skin.


Gift Cards

We offer physical Gift Cards in house, or for your convenience we sell E-Gift cards. Choose a custom design for the occasion. Print out and put in a card or email to them! Happy Giving!!!!




"I had the best experience! Nicole is great at explaining everything and she just makes you feel so comfortable! ❤️ I schedule routinely with her and I’ve never been unsatisfied!" 

Kaely R

"Had the ChicBD Facial done a couple of days ago. What a wonderful experience! The young lady was very knowledgeable, caring and professional. My face feels soft, hydrated, and it has a healthy glowing look. The foot soak was amazing! I love that she uses all natural ingredients in all that she does. My sister and I have rescheduled. I highly recommend True Reflection to everyone!! Loved it!!!"

Gloria L.

"Nicole is in love with what she does! She is skilled and knowledgeable in the field of beauty and homeopathic healing. The atmosphere is absolutely euphoric! I definitely recommend her services to others. You will not be disappointed!"

Haley C.

"Great experience! The location is sooo cute! I’ll be back soon!"

Ana Chavez

"Nicole is not only talented in her profession, but is so knowledgeable! She has the ability to deliver an experience that is unforgettable in the most positive ways. After you've left you know you've had a healing in some sort of way- thats what I call a skilled esthetician."

Jessica McClellan

"Nicole always does an excellent job making you feel relaxed and pampered while using high quality products. I learned benefits of cbd oil that I never knew before and I’m excited to start incorporating the INTERNAL CBD OIL into my lifestyle to relieve stress, anxiety and he’s my skin from the inside out."

Tatum Rosemary Danner


"Nicole is a true professional! She made my skin glow so beautifully! She took years off my face and provided exceptional service that compares to the service I receive so often at the Ritz- Carlton spa for half the price! I am bringing my mom for a Valentine’s Day facial! And my 4 sisters!"

Darchin Rickert

"My experience here was nothing short of amazing! I'm getting married next weekend and wanted to treat myself to a little pampering. My stress melted away quickly and Nicole was not only professional but so sweet and knowledgable about her craft. I got the ChicBD Infusion and Cherry Enzyme Facial and I recommend it to everyone! My face feels and looks amazing just in time for my big day. Thank you, Nicole!"

Jenna Howard

"Nicole is wonderful, professional, and one of the sweetest ladies around! She takes her time to consult about all of your skin’s needs as well as any prayer requests you may have. Her services are one of a kind and I can’t wait to come back for more!"

Jennifer Elizabeth Cretney


"I have been getting facials from Nicole since I moved to Texas in 2015! I am so happy to see her with her own beautiful spa. I came in for the ChicBD facial and my skin is so much more hydrated and glowy than I was when I came in. I am pregnant so I appreciate that Nicole uses natural products so it’s safe for me and baby!!"

Thank you so much Sarah did absolutely amazing. thank you again. And most definitely coming back.

"Ahhhmmaazing! I had the Chicbd facial with the anoint foot soak. Indescribably awesome. I'm excited to see my results in a few weeks, and even more excited for my next pre-book appointment. I didn't think a foot soak could be so gratifying, it had to be the combination of the ancient herbs she uses, the grand finale of my appointment! It was a very pleasurable experience."


"This past weekend my bestie and I both had the ChicBD facial with the anointed foot soak. It was amazing! My skin feels and looks so much better. Nicole is super sweet and knowledgeable about aesthetics. She went above and beyond to make our experience unique and even decorated for my friends birthday. We can’t wait to go back. It is so exciting to have such high quality services available in Ellis County!"

Lacy W.

"Nicole is a wonderful, spiritual woman who loves being an esthetician, and you witness this in every aspect of her spa. She treated my girls and I to ChicBD facials and foot soaks that were heaven! She also provided us with cucumber and lemon infused water, several snacks and sweets, and multiple bottles of wine! I left with so much new knowledge about my skin, and new CBD products to add to my daily regimen. I will most definitely be a return client FOR SURE! 😊
Thanks again Nicole! ❤️"

Vanessa L.

Clean, Professional, classy.... I am pleased! I recieved a facial by Sarah today. I left feeling so relaxed and pampered! My skin has NEVER felt this good! I am looking forward to coming back!

Marissa W. 


Sarah did absolutely amazing. I feel so refreshed and amazing, thank you again. And most definitely coming back.

Linda D.

"I had this awesome ChicBD Infusion yesterday with Sarah and my skin feels amazing. Love Sarah and love that she's downtown."

Cindy B.

"I have been getting Chicbd facials from Nicole for a few months now. It is by far the most professional and relaxing atmosphere around. I highly recommend you making an appointment and checking them out. Plus, they are always running affordable specials."

 Sherrie Ducote Carlino



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