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Facials and Memberships

Spa Products


25 min- $45

30 min- $60

45 min- $110

1 hr 15min- $160

CBD is a component that when infused into the skin has an array of benefits. Anywhere from removing and protecting from Free Radicals, calming inflammation, softening the skin, moisturizing, aiding in the recovery from eczema, psoriasis, acne, and some pigmentation.  

Herbal Infusions:

1 hr-$160

1hr 30 min- $190

These treatments are for those that cannot have downtime. We infuse Vitamin A into the skin with Nano technology and add active powder blends according to your skin concerns.  Generating collagen stimulation and immunity over a 30-day period. Performed as a series and with great at home products you will help us reveal and maintain your True Reflection!

Customized Facials:

Hydrating-50 min

Pro Face-1 hr

Fresh Face-
Consultation with the choice of facial we choose for your skin needs.


VIP Membership consists of $50 a month automatically drafted on the 1st of every month. Reserve the facial of your choice and receive 10% off the facial remainder. 

Subscription Box:

Choose any 3 or more products to be delivered to your home for %15 off every 3 months. When you sign up you get a free gift.

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