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Advanced Treatments


$314 - 2 hr session

.5 Needles creates channels into the skin for us to infuse Human Bone marrow, Growth factors, and stem cells below the epidermis. We numb for this procedure to ensure you're comfortable. During this treatment we stimulate collagen production, slow down/correct/or maintain aging, acne pitting, pigmentation, and shrink pore size.

Stem Cell Infusion

Human Bone Marrow stem cells are recognized by our body and will be used as a healing source, collagen stimulant, and energizes the cells. using a stamping method, we open the cell wall and infuse these potent ingredients to do their job at a deeper level. The stamp is a 0.025 needle with zero to little discomfort and no downtime. The stem cells used will be customized to either AGING or PIGMENTATION concerns.

1 hr. 15 mins-$160

Herbal Peel

$214 45 min- 1 hr

This procedure is ACID-FREE using ground up herbs, blue algae, and seaweed to create microtears in the skin to stimulate a wound healing response to remove hyperpigmentation. It is equivalent to 15 microdermabrasion in ONE session.

Express Fountain of Youth

Using Microcurrent we exercise the muscle to perk up, lift, and tone the appearance of your skin. 15 min microcurrent and 15 min tightening mask. Led Light Therapy. 1 hr-$120


Mini Signature Hydrafacial- 30min


Signature Hydrafacial- 1hr


Deluxe Hydrafaicial- 1hr 30min


Platinum Hydrafacial- 1hr 45 min


HydraFacial is a brilliant combination of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant properties. Being the perfect blend of rejuvenating spa therapies and state-of-the-art medical technology, this cosmetic solution will repair and regenerate the dermis to render smoother, clearer, and healthier results. The Hydrafacial has patented tips that aide the serums to produce a glass like glow.

Advanced Fountain of Youth

We are able to complete a longer session with Deep exfoliation, 30 min tightening mask, 30 min Microcurrent, Led Light Therapy  with massage.

1 hr. 45 min-$190

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